Our Story

'Something has to change' - she said

'I'm not giving up growing potatoes' - he said

'Why?' - she said

'Because I love it' - he said

And so began the challenge... how do we change, but stay the same? How do we grow what we love to grow and still ensure future generations for our farm?

Some time later...

'There are thousands of varieties of potatoes' - she said

'Really?' - he said

'Yes, I did some research' - she said 'did you know potatoes were purple before they were white?'

'Let's grow heirloom purple potatoes!!!' - she said

He scratched his head...

One year later...

Our wonderful Violetta Potatoes have been on the best menus in the country, used in the best kitchens and worked with by the best chefs.

Every season now, we have different varieties of heirloom/speciality potatoes to offer so please pay us a visit, see the potatoes, meet us (and talk potatoes) and check our brand new Spud Shack!

Staying the same but changing, we are still growing what we love and securing a future for generations to come on Ballymakenny Farm!

'This farm is more than land and crops; it's our family's passion and future!'